Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice Essay

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Jane Austen 's wonderfully witty satirical novel, Pride and Prejudice, exemplifies her distaste for marriage for money with a lack of love often found throughout the entirety of the 19th century. During this time period women could not earn money, and thus must be married into money in order to live a happy life. Not only that, but many women, the Bennet girls for example, could not gain the land of their fathers due to, "INSERT NAME HERE", and thus would be homeless upon the death of their father and thereby even less desirable. Ultimately this leads to the desire for men with money and a quick marriage, and the mother of the Bennet girls, the shrewd, grotesque Mrs. Bennet, continually pushed the girls to forget about love and solely marry for the money of prominent nobles such as Mr. Bingley and Mr. Collins. However, none of her girls truly marry for money, only Charlotte, the cousin of the Bennet family and wife of the proud, arrogant Mr. Collins, marries for money. Elizabeth Bennet and her beautiful sister Jane both marry Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley respectively out of love, not for their money or their status, and their wild promiscuous sister Lydia unfortunately hastily married the "man of her dreams" out of lust. Through the description of these three types of marriages, Jane Austen truly portrays to the reader that true happiness is not obtained through marriage by lust or money, but rather solely by love. The first unholy marriage of the satire was the marriage…

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