Jane Austen 's Novel Of Pride And Prejudice Essay

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Submissive, is to be ready to conform to the authority or will of others or meekly obedient. This definition is widely proposed to the main characters and women in the novel of Pride and Prejudice. In Jane Austine’s novel, women are seen as objects, nothing more, and nothing less. Regarded as a man’s possession. Their whole existence and future is determined by them submitting themselves and pushing away their needs. They are measured by who they marry, the division and the riches. However ; not all women fall into that category. Elizabeth breaks away from the stereotypical women and embraces independent thought,character and integrity .Moreover, the adaptation of pride and prejudice zombies completely erases the stereotypical objectification of women and puts them in stronger roles of independence, willpower and strong point. In this essay we will venture through pride and prejudice submissiveness of women and how the adaptation empowers them instead.
Firstly, Women in the era of pride and prejudice were subjected to abuse and diminished standards of understanding the world. They had limited knowledge, due to the fact that men didn’t want to seem inferior to the opposite sex. Creating a cycle of dumb women is more dependable than a well-trained one. These ideals make the women in Merytown and pemperly identical. The reason why they are so identical is profound in the novel. The reader sees examples of this from the beginning. ‘’It is a truth universally acknowledged…

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