Jane Austen 's Northanger Abbey Essay

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Jane Austen is known for being a writer of women, and romance, but she is a major influence of gender stereotypes after her time. In many of her works, Austen would flout at how femininity and masculinity were ruled by societal standards. Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey follows suit with this concept, by depicting her characters as what was expected of their gender to what was abhorred in upper-middle class and high society.
The second to the youngest of eight children, Jane Austen was born on the seventeenth of December in 1775. Jane Austen began her life in Hampshire, England with her parents George, a clergyman, and Cassandra Austen. For a woman raised in the Georgian era, pre-Victorian, Austen was well educated due to access to her father’s extensive library and brothers, Francis and Charles, who traveled whilst in the Royal Navy. At the early age of nineteen, Austen began writing short novellas. Soon after writing novels like Sense and Sensibility (“Elinor and Marianne”) and Pride and Prejudice (“First Impressions”). In 1803, Austen sold the original manuscript to Northanger Abbey (“Susan”) for ten euros for publication. Yet, was not published until the manuscript was bought back from the publishing company, after Austen’s death in 1817. In her late twenties, Austen moved to the city of Bath with her family after her father’s retirement. In 1802, Austen became a shining example of one of her leading ladies brought to life. She received a proposal from Harris…

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