Jane Austen 's ' Emma ' Essay

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Women in the time of Jane Austen, tend to have a certain expectation to be considered admirable. There is a type of woman In the Novel Emma by Jane Austen, Emma and Jane both are seen as beautiful and knowledgeable, accomplished. However, they both grew up and have accustomed to the different lives they have. In Emma’s first encounter with Jane, she showed no sign of interest in getting to know her or being friendly. Comparing both these characters, Emma is shown less likeable in comparison to Jane Fairfax. Because Jane is a self-made woman, she is who she is because she persevered and was determined. Emma grew up with being able to afford and get what she wants without having to work for it. This upbringing can say a lot of their personalities and persona throughout the novel. Emma and Jane are both similar yet completely different though they are seen as physically ‘equal’ in the novel.

Emma in the novel is considered what many would classify her as the ‘golden girl’. She is the girl that every guy would dream and wish to be with. Though everyone may enjoy the character Emma, she does come across as narcissistic. Emma is carries a “great deal of pride in her superior position and abilities and in her moral standards.” (73) Because Emma has lived a privileged and easy life that makes her immune to appreciate everything she has. Throughout the entire book you examine and observe Emma and how she is and what she thinks. She is extremely insecure i (79) especially when…

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