Jane Addams As A Young Child Essay

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Throughout the world multitudes of individuals from different races, cultures, and backgrounds, strive to reach America for a dream, the American Dream. When striving to reach the American Dream countless immigrants sacrifice their lives, homes, and family, leaving everything behind in hopes of a better life, never imagining that in America it would also be grueling. Laura Jane Addams as a young child was given the entitlement of having nice clothes, food, a shelter, but most importantly a family. She chose to take the road which lead to promote philanthropy work and with pride changed the thoughts of numerous individuals.

Laura Jane Addams was born September 6, 1860 to Sarah Weber and John Huy Addams. Even though Jane’s mother had nine children five of the nine lived the others passed away, Jane was the youngest of the five who lived. In January 1863, Mrs. Addams became extremely ill, on the fourteenth of January as Sarah Addams recited the Lord’s prayer, took her last breath, died (Fradin 7-8). Laura later known as Jane became especially close to her father (9). Although Jane had beautiful long brown hair and big brown eyes she thought herself as ugly. In Jane 's early childhood she suffered from a genetic illness which was believed to be tuberculosis of the spine (13). Jane recovered from the genetic malady but left her with a curved spine. She consistently had the impression that she would never be able to satisfy her father because of her crooked back which did not…

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