Jane Adams: A Short Story

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I have surprised myself! It’s only been a few days and I am already writing once again! Today Phoebe introduced me to Jane Adams, we got along very well! I was so glad to meet her. We look a lot alike too which is really odd. We hung out for an hour, before I had to go back to work on the farm. I always ended up being the tagger in our tag game, I wish I was better at the game. Although, later we played hide and go seek and I always won because I found the best hiding spots! It was much fun playing with them! I hope mama and papa like her and her folks. She lives on a farm not too far from ours. So we would be able to get together and share our crops for a nice meal.
Papa told us that the Revolutionary War Intensified after the battles of Lexington
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Alice was confused but she still wanted to be with us. Ann and John we already in bed so they were not around to help. We first popped the stems off the berries. This was Alice’s favorite part! We then began to crush the fruit until the berries are a mushy consistency. I have to do this on my own because I am the strongest of us three. Now we pour the mush along with a pinch of sugar into a pot over the fire. Mama took care of this part, since it was to dangerous for Alice and myself. Soon mama takes the pot away from the fire to cool. Once it's cool, we jet to put it into jars to save. I love jam it is so tasty, especially with oatmeal. Once we finished up I took Alice up to bed, she was so tired. I told her a story it was my favorite as a child. The story goes like this; One rainy autumn, a traveler got lost in the mountains of Arkansas. He was tired and hungry, and so was his horse. Night was approaching. All at once, he saw a cabin. A squatter sat on the porch fiddling the same tune over and over.
The traveler asked the squatter for food and water for himself and his horse. The squatter replied: "Ain't got a thing in the

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