Janan Najib Yousif: Analysis

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Hello Janan

You might speculate as to why I am responding to your very offensive and abusive email (Laing’s sonnet that you assumed, incorrectly, may apply to me), yet I ignored your two polite text messages that you sent me about two years ago. Clearly, you have now reverted back to your real name “Janan Najib Yousif” and I hope this is genuine. Furthermore, you have made an effort to trace my email address. Therefore, I considered that the citing of the poem was merely an expression of vexation on your part.

Let me reiterate some facts:

1. Several years ago, you told me in London that you were lucky to have a dad.
I believed you then and was enormously pleased to see you.

2. After a period of absence (your choice and not mine), you
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I was surprised and dismayed. I considered asking you to get out of my apartment. However, I restrained myself and instantly thought that your action may be an expression of some protest and given time you would reflect on what you have done and will come to your senses. We went out for dinner, and as far I was concerned we had an enjoyable time together. Your decision to change your name also unsettled those in Iraq who you referred to, in one of your two text messages two years ago, as “my family in Iraq”. Well, “your family in Iraq”, in addition to their hardship and suffering, including the kidnapping of one of my nephews were, exceedingly distraught that you changed your name and you chose to eradicate “Najib” from your full name. They even asked “does he not want to belong to …show more content…
The next morning you defied me and the situation became worse. The only way that I retaliated was to ignore you and did not speak with you. Every Friday night when I arrived home, I hoped that you would say “sorry dad for defying you” but you never did. This was not “over the top” behaviour by me as you once called it. It was a reaction at the time when I was incredibly stressed. On reflection, it was an extremely trivial matter and should never have happened. Of course, I should have not reacted in the way that I did, but when you are tired and stressed, you become irrational. I expected your mother to guide you and advise you not to defy me. I expected her to convince you that you needed to apologise for defying me. My family in Iraq told me, at the time, “Don’t worry. Be patient. Janan is a small boy. He will apologise for defying you. His mother will convince him to do so”. When this was not forthcoming, I became resentful of your mother and the situation compounded further and further. No one would ever believe how this very trivial situation escalated to be a major event in our life and tore the family

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