Jamie Turner Case Analysis Essay

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Joia M. Collins
Jamie Turner accepted a position at MLI under the impression that he would have full autonomy and fast advancements but has since ran into some management and personal style issues with is boss and president of MLI Pat Cardullo.
1. It may be that there is a conflict in personal style which is causing Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo to not work well together. 2. It may be the conflicts arising are from generational differences because of the age difference between Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo. 3. It may be that Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo’s beliefs and values are different. Jamie Turner is a feeler; he is concerned with the feelings of the
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Turner values collaboration and is people orientated. It is important for Turner to understand the people and the activities that make up MLI. Turner wanted to give Tim Kelly a chance to prove his worth and he felt it was important to get to know everyone from to top to the bottom of the organization. Cardullo valued leadership and manages by objectives and values top management communication rather than organization wide communication. Turner and Cardullo have independent values which cause them to focus on opposite issues. Turner also values autonomy, he was really looking for a position that would allow him flexibility and give him the chance to be a leader and that is what MLI was supposed to do for him. MLI didn’t offer Turner the independence and autonomy that he was hoping for and he noticed that when Cardullo began to make decisions that were supposed to be left up to Turner. Cardullo and his controller Julie Chin banned together and for all intensive purposes shut Turner out and Turner began to recognize he was no longer in control. Turner also values feedback and open communication. Turned attempted to speak with Cardullo on many different occasions with no success. On one occasion Turner attempted to speak with Cardullo and ask how his confusion regarding what was expected of him and

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