Jamie Turner at Mli Essay

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Jamie Turner at MLI, Inc. Jamie Turner faces a difficult situation at Modern Lighting Industries Inc. (MLI). The company is struggling financially and has recently been acquired by a larger firm. Turner was hired as Vice President (V.P.) of marketing and sales by company president Pat Cardullo. Turner was all but guaranteed Cardullo’s position in less than two years when he was hired. However, six months later, the young manager’s future at the company is in serious jeopardy. The root cause(s) can best be summarized as: The denigration of their relationship; which can be traced to two main issues.
A) Ineffective communication between Cardullo and Turner.
B) The cultural differences between MLI, Inc. and the management style(s) that
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On several occasions he undermined the decisions his mid-level managers made, even reversing them. With regard to the Cardullo’s pricing scheme: Cardullo may have been received better had he communicated the changes with Turner beforehand. Although Turner strongly objected to the pricing scheme, Turner should have moved quickly on this issue to establish his credibility, demonstrating why these changes were NOT best for the company. Turner could have done this by being more persuasive. “The Necessary Art of Persuasion” (Conger). As for Cardullo, this is another example of “Seven Communication Mistakes Managers make”(Stever Robbins). Cardullo made a salient decision in changing pricing without doing any groundwork, research or consultation with Turner – his V.P. of Marketing.
Adversarial relationships brewing More examples of poor management and conflict would be the break even Halogen light sale that Turner implemented. Chin alerted Cardullo to this sale, Cardullo reproved Turner’s decision. When Turner asked Chin why she had not dealt with him directly on the issue, tensions flared. Chin was petty-mindedly. On another occasion she refused to reimburse one of Turners people [Swenson] for lunch on an expense report because she did not have a receipt. This incident would have been easily resolved if Turner and Chin had a better professional relationship. Building informal networks are vital to successfully

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