Jamie Oliver Essay

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Case 1 Jamie Oliver: cooking up a storm and changing people's lives through food
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Jamie Oliver is a phenomenon in the world of food. He enjoyed huge success with his debut television series The Naked Chef in 1999. For over 10 years, he has graced television screens as a favourite celebrity chef, and has become a presence on the high street – both as the face of Sainsbury’s, and by licensing the Jamie Oliver brand to numerous food and kitchenware producers. His commercial activities are anchored by his mission: to change the way people eat, both in the UK and, now, America. Jamie’s CV is impressive, extending beyond books and television to include events, cooking schools, kitchen and lifestyle products, restaurants and
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Sainsbury’s chain of supermarkets comprises 480 stores selling on average more than 56,000 different products in each store. This deal gave rise to the birth of one of the UK’s longest-running celebrity endorsement campaigns. Oliver was selected for his passion and flair for food, which was seen as a key way of updating the retailer’s historically reserved image, as Sainsbury’s lost its long-held number-one place in the UK grocery retail market to Tesco in 1996. The relationship was highly productive, with Oliver not only fronting advertising, but also getting deeply involved in product development and colleague training and engagement. This endorsement also gave him access to Sainsbury’s 14 million weekly shoppers. He fronted campaigns such as ‘Try something new today’ and ‘Feed your family for a fiver’. The object of the ‘Try’ campaign was to get each consumer spending an extra £1.14 every time they shopped, in order to achieve Sainsbury’s business goal of £2.5 billion additional sales over three years. By January 2008, the £2.5 billion goal had been achieved ahead of schedule. ‘Feed your family for a fiver’ created a range of 30 family meals with Sainsbury’s products, all costing under £5, substantial enough for a hungry family of four. This campaign was estimated to have generated £1.12 billion of incremental revenue for the supermarket chain. However, Oliver has faced

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