Jamie Foxx Essay

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After his latest nominations for the best actor and supporting actor, Jamie Foxx‘s career, accomplishments and talents have constantly been rising, seeing as though his performance in the film "Ray" was remarkably astonishing. Surprising critics his entertainment skills have improved so much, but those skills Jamie says "Were there all along". It doesn't seem like he has been in the business for 15 years, it seems shorter than that. But how did this entertainment star come about?

Born Eric Morlon Bishop, nationally known actor, comedian, and singer Jamie Foxx has some of the most rewarding achievements in his career. Achievements that some would say adopted children could not be able to achieve and battles that could not be overcome.
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Bursting on the scene in 1990 Jamie Foxx got his debut as a character on Fox Network's show "In Living Color". The show was known for its ridiculing humor which gave Jamie's natural comical abilities time to shine. Now recognized for his humor, plenty of networks called him for stand comedy shows for late nights. That's all the time Jamie needed to get his message across that he was a performer. In 1992, he won his first feature role as a supporting character in Robin Williams movie "Toys". From that point Foxx would go onto 2 more supporting roles in movies such as, "The Truth About Cats & Dogs", and "The Great White Hype", along with performing a voice in the cartoon "C-Bear and Jamal". At that moment the business knew this actor was a star, by giving him his own sitcom on the Warner Brother's network Jamie felt accomplished but he knew his career was just blooming. While "The Jamie Foxx Show" was still being produced he continued receiving roles in movies such as "Booty Call", "The Players Club", "Any Given Sunday", "Bait", and "Held Up". His sitcom lasted five successful seasons and was moved to the UPN Network which is currently used for reruns, but their ratings are still up. Even though his sitcom was over that wouldn't be the end of Jamie Foxx. In fact that's were his great acting had just begun, and from that time period he starred in 7 more movies including the true stories of Stan "Tookie" Williams (a famous death row inmate and

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