Colonial Life In Jamestown

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English colonists sailed the blue ocean in order to settle. After reaching the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, they found the land that would soon become the first permanent settlement in the New World. Claiming land as their own, the settlers began to inhabit what they would call Jamestown. They began making the land their own, by making their own buildings and using their own tools. This caused tension between the English men and the Native American tribes. Over time, drastic changes altered the land. The colonists’ mortality rate skyrocketed because there were no good sources of freshwater, resources for food became low and an unhealthy relationship between the Natives and the colonists grew stronger.
The poor water quality in Jamestown is
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Salt and fecal coliform infected the drinking water. When the colonists drank the water, they got sick and many died. The infected water was used to grow crops, but instead decreased the plant growth. The water was also the home of fish, and the fish died. The plants and animals the colonists ate died, leaving small rations of food for the colonists to starve. Lastly, when the colonists attacked the Natives, the Natives wanted revenge. The Natives killed the colonists for revenge, and because they wanted the last of resources to themselves. Jamestown was a mess because the colonists were unsanitary, and unprepared. It all started because the colonists put their waste in the river. The fecal coliform contaminated the water, killing off several colonists, animals, and plants. There were no gardeners or plant specialists, or multiple doctors. The colonists were unprepared to help themselves survive. The resources were low, which caused the colonists to attach the Native Americans. But the Natives got back at the colonists. Again, there were not many doctors, in fact only one surgeon at the time (Smith). So when the colonists were injured, only one surgeon could save a few colonists, which was a cause of the colonist population to decrease. If the colonists were prepared for any situation, with several people from several job positions, and were sanitary, Jamestown would not have been a

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