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By definition, "abortion" refers to any premature expulsion of a human fetus, whether naturally spontaneous, as in a miscarriage, or artificially induced, as in a surgical or chemical abortion. Abortion has been a controversial issue dating back long before the United States Supreme Court’s 7-1 decision on the case of Roe versus Wade. As a result of the case, it was decided that the procedure was a fundamental right. Since then abortion has continued to be a subject that draws fluctuating heated emotions from society. The social predictors of abortion attitudes are greatly influenced by varying religious beliefs, demographics, and political views. Generally, the debate over abortion consists of two stances, pro-choice or pro-life. …show more content…
To her dismay, the police had shut down the clinics. She was eventually referred to Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington, attorneys who would help her seek legislation that would make abortion accessible in the state of Texas. This process proved itself to be long and useless to McCorvey because it took three years of trials to finally grab the attention of the United States Supreme Court and by that time she had already given birth to the child she was desperately trying to get rid of. During this three year period, she also converted to Christianity. The irony of this case was that McCorvey, who initially pushed for abortion rights, had a change of heart and spent the remainder of her life as a proponent of the pro-life stance. In an excerpt of McCorvey’s book, Won By Love, she explains the guiding force that caused her to change her stance: “I was sitting in O.R.'s offices when I noticed a fetal development poster. The progression was so obvious, the eyes were so sweet. It hurt my heart, just looking at them. I ran outside and finally, it dawned on me. 'Norma', I said to myself, 'They're right'. I had worked with pregnant women for years. I had been through three pregnancies and deliveries myself. I should have known. Yet something in that poster made me lose my breath. I kept seeing the picture of that tiny, 10-week-old embryo, and I said to myself, that's a baby! It's as if blinders just

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