James Patrick Donleavy 's The Ginger Man Essay

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Many great authors have used characters in order to create one solid, organized novel. James Patrick Donleavy has used this technique in his best known novel, The Ginger Man. Through the eyes of the witty protagonist, the harsh reality of post war Dublin is put in a light, comedic perspective. Sebastian, a young man with a heavy desire to reach upper class lifestyle, is a drunk who does no work to reach the success he wishes for. While in the pursuit to find an easy route to reach upper class citizenship, we find he is not alone in this journey. After being introduced to Sebastian, other characters are brought forth that are too in the lower class life and hope to soon reach economic prosperity. By the characters doing so, the novel supports the theme that everyday people long to be upper class citizens.
The characters support the theme of longing for upper class life by constantly complaining about their lifestyle. Marion and Sebastian feel they are in ‘an environment militantly at odds” (A Case of Death 330). By them feeling this way, it is clear that they are unhappy at the condition they are living in, especially once it is described as a lifestyle ‘militantly at odds’. ‘didn 't want to walk too fast in the front door or you 'd find yourself going out the back’ (47), says Sebastian. What most people would consider a shack, they called home, yet another example of their unprivileged lifestyle. Moreover, ‘In debt in death’ (266), is stated by Sebastian. By this, he…

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