James Madison : The Greatest Founding Fathers And The Fourth President Of The Constitution

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James Madison was one one of the greatest founding fathers and the fourth president of the United States Of America. He was known as the “Father of the Constitution”() because he believed that the United States needed a balanced federal government. James Madison was born to Col. James Madison Sr. and Nelly Conway Madison who married in 1743. Together they had twelve children James being the youngest, but only nine survived, “however Madison had three brothers and three sisters who lived to adulthood”(). James Madison was born in Port Conway, Virginia, on March 16, 1751. He grew up on a farm of 3,000 acres as the son of a successful farmer who owned dozens of slaves. Madison went to a boarding school in 1762 “run by Donald Robertson in King and Queen County, Virginia”(). Five years later he graduated but didn 't go to college right away. “His father had him stay home at the age of 16 and receive private tutoring because he was concerned about Madison 's health. He would experience bouts of ill health throughout his life”(). About two years later, around 1769, Madison began studying Latin, Greek, Science and philosophy and many other subjects at the “College of New Jersey- known as Princeton University”(). He graduated in 1771 but stayed at the school to “continue his studies with the schools president, Reverend John Witherspoon”(). In 1772, Madison returned home to Virginia where in 1774, “he was elected to the Orange County Committee of Safety”(), and the next year…

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