Essay about James Madison And Alexander Hamilton

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It is often the case in revolutions that many partnerships who take a lead role in shaping a new society do not continue to work together after their goal is achieved, that is exactly what happened to James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, who had risen to prominent positions within the new nation of America as delegates for their respective state. Both would be each other 's support for fighting for a new and ratified U.S. constitution. Although their partnership falls apart, they are truly America’s most needed partnership. Madison and Hamilton together led the U.S. to create and ratify the U.S. Constitution, which gave people more rights, made everyone more equal, and set the path for a self-governing America.

James Madison and Alexander Hamilton came from very different backgrounds, which gave their partnership a unique twist because of their different ideologies. Madison was a Virginian citizen and delegate, with the “easier path” of the two, he was raised “by a prosperous father, the wealthiest planter in Orange County”. Madison “had found purpose in the Revolution” after going to “the College of New Jersey (now Princeton)”, but “the bookish Virginian was a poor candidate for soldiering” so he moved his purpose to politics. Madison “was not only short and slight---no taller than five feet six inches and a bit over one hundred pounds”, he also suffered from an illness that resembled epilepsy. Madison was a unsocial, quiet, semi-hypocritical, non-narcissistic, sharp,…

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