Essay about James K. Polk : The President Of The United State

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In the 1845 to 1849 James K. Polk was the eleventh president of the United State. As the chief executive, his principle objectives were to restore the United States Treasury Department, secure the domains of Oregon and get the regions of California and New Mexico. James achieved each of these goals. He drove the nation to war with Mexico and picked up a great deal of locale in the midst of his term in office. Despite what various may think, James K. Polk is outstanding across more than a few nations wherever all through the world. James K. Polk has been around for a couple of hundreds of years and has a crucial significance in the lives of various. It is protected to acknowledge that James K. Polk will be around for a long time and immensely influence the lives of various people. In 1795-1849 James Polk served as the eleventh U.S. president from 1845 to 1849.During his residency, America 's domain developed by more than 33% and stretched out over the mainland surprisingly. At age 49, James Polk was more youthful than any past president when he went into the White House. A compulsive worker, America 's new CEO set an aggressive plan with four noteworthy objectives: cut taxes, restore a free U.S. Treasury, secure the Oregon Territory and get the domains of California and New Mexico from Mexico. Polk in the end accomplished every one of his objectives. He was a champion of show destiny–the conviction that the United States was destined to grow over the North American…

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