James Holmes Schizophrenia Case Study

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James Holmes shows the symptoms, the typical age of onset, and the risk factors of this brain disorder; schizophrenia. Holmes suffers from delusions of grandeur, a positive symptom of schizophrenia, because he thinks he is superior to others. Specifically, he convinced himself that he was the Joker in The Batman movie and had the power to kill people. Because Holmes had numerous similar physical attributes compared to the Joker, he also believed he carried the same powers as the fictional character (Cabrera, 2015). Because of his schizophrenia, he was not able to differentiate the Joker as a fictive villain from reality. Holmes also showed symptoms of hallucinations, another positive symptom of schizophrenia. Even though there are numerous …show more content…
I think it is important that Holmes receives treatment, even in jail, because schizophrenia never goes away completely; therefore, if not treated correctly it can only get worse. Atypical drugs should be provided to him, as they help 85% of individuals and have few extrapyramidal effect making it easier for him to adapt to his new environment. It is important to remember that if Holmes takes atypical drugs, he showed have his blood tested regularly because he is in risk of developing agranulocytosis. By receiving antipsychotic drugs to decrease his dopamine system activity and cognitive-behavioral therapy so he can change his reactions to delusions and hallucinations. He can also receive sheltered workshop treatment, a form of psychotherapy, while other inmates are working in different areas of the jail to gain commissary. Here Holmes would be supervised by officers while he learns the important roles of the community and the importance of hard work. By completing different occupational tasks and adhering to rules, such as showing up on time and producing good work, Holmes will be able to learn different jobs like the rest of the

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