James Comey Case Study

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Name: Suliman

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The firing of FBI Director James Comey has brought about very controversial reactions from people all across the US. Most of them not coming to a conclusive decision of why the President made the decision to fire home. Was it Rush or did he consult with his trusted advisors? And if he consulted, then why are there a contradiction of the statements behind his

firing. President Trump gave a contradictory statement on May, 11th this year concerning the firing of Comey. He declared that he had already made a decision to fire him from the beginning regardless of whether the justice department would disapprove his move. The statement by Trump contradicts the former admiration statement on a matter regarding the snowballing controversy. Julie pace the author of the article regard the issue of the state high and should have a harmonious way of deliverance to avoid contradiction and the later unrest of the public.

Julie thinks the firing may have come after Comey declined to offer the president a pledge of personal loyalty although other sources from White House affirms that
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Most likely the new management is supposed to may lengthen the time for thorough investigation although the Whitehouse deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders have suggested otherwise in his statement. She said his firing is supposed to hasten the investigation citing that evaluation on his performance may have been the catalyst for Trump decision to fire him. This comes after her earlier briefing at the beginning of the week where she claimed that his dismissal would not have changed anything on the ongoing Russian investigation. "Any investigation that was taking place Monday was held today," Sanders said, signifying that Comey’s Firing had nothing to be feared to curtail on the ongoing

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