Jamal And Crawford: Character Analysis

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Many individuals want to compose a difference in their community because they want the world they live in to be fantastic. Both Jamal and Crawford want the similar type of world, Crawford just does it differently than Jamal does. Jamal does not care about the fact that he is intelligent, but he goes to Mailor Collow because he wants to make his mother proud of him. There are points in the movie where Jamal shows people that he is intelligent. He wants to show people that just because he is black does not mean he is stupid. Crawford a professor at Mailor Collow, wants to keep the school only white people or just rich individuals and because Jamal is black he thinks that he is unintelligent. When Jamal hands in the paper that he took from William’s …show more content…
When Jamal wrote the letter to William, William put his fears behind him and went to Mailor Collow. William wanted to prove to people that Jamal is really intelligent and maybe deep down inside William wanted to prove to himself that he could be there for Jamal in his time of need. William put all of his fears behind him so he could make a difference at Mailor Collow, making the school a safe environment for Jamal. Claire was nice to Jamal because she did not see the difference between each other. Claire did not care about the color of his skin, she saw a person. Possibly she also wanted to see the difference in the school as well. “Forrester, alongside his youthful protege, finds himself reawakening to the outside world he’s shut out for 40 years” (Movielocity, 2001,p. 2). William was terrified of how much the world has changed that he was hesitant, but Jamal made a difference in William’s life, causing William to want to make it up to Jamal. William stepped out of his world of books and safety to help Jamal. “Jamal, a choice between following his dream or betraying a friend, and for Forrester, a decision to remain closed off or to look at the world through new eyes” (Movielocity, 2001, p. 3). Jamal chances the scenery he lives in by helping his good friend Forrester, because of the friendship he creates with William he gets the help he wants with his writing. If Jamal did not make the step of going back to William’s apartment after the break in then who knows what would have happened in Jamal’s future. When an individual is having a conflict, they usually want to so something that would make them smile, and usually helping a difference

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