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November 5, 2013
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Although a small island in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is a melting pot of cultures from all around the world. From the beginning, the island was inhabited by ancient tribes with different customs, beliefs and backgrounds. Since Jamaica is located in the central Caribbean, it became a key port for ships stop and sail from island to island. Because of this, Jamaica was able to be influenced from countries such as China, India, England and Spain. In this essay you will be informed on why the food, people and tourist attractions make Jamaica what it is today. Jamaican cuisine is a melting pot reflecting the various cultures that have influenced the island over the
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The Jamaican people have been regarded as some of the friendliest individuals in the world. From each one part of the island to another, you will meet hardworking people who may not have it all, but find a reason to be happy and take care others, black, white , doesn’t matter. Since Jamaica is a 3rd world country, most people to the American standard is very much so in poverty. The everyday farmer is very much existent, harvesting coffee beans, yams, plantains and more. Allowing for an easy going atmosphere on the countryside. Once you Travel into bigger cities such as Montego Bay and Kingston, it becomes faster paced, now able to spot shaper dressed individuals, teachers, business minds and politically involved individuals. But there is one thing that is consistent throughout the island, there will always be sightings of traditional Rastafarians with dreadlocks down to their rear end and the aroma of marijuana that travels with them. Tourism in the country of Jamaica has long since proven to be very popular ever since it was hyped up as a health spa in 1862. Since then mass tourism has taken full effect not only with its natural beauty and many attractions but with the work and development of the Jamaican Tourist Board it has become a favored tourist destination in the Caribbean region. Since tourism is Jamaica's primary foreign exchange

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