British Rule In Jamaica

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Should Jamaica accept failure and be ruled by the British?

We all want to be independent but sometimes we are not ready to be independent on our own. Jamaica was a part of the British colony until 1962 when it decided to become independent. Leaving from under the British rule was one of the major blunders that Jamaica made. Providing that Britain is one of the most important and wealthiest countries in the world, Jamaica could have been striving. If Jamaica was still a part of the British colony, we would receive an abundance of support, we would not be classified as a third world country and it would not seem so embarrassing when we ask for assistance from our motherland. If Jamaica had remained as a British colony we would receive an abundance
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Jamaica is not a fully developed country as yet and so one of our major problems is the high rate of unemployment. According to The Gleanor, Dr Andre Haughton states that the unemployment rate has increased. The country doesn’t have the resources or enough resources to offer or create jobs for the country’s litigants. The Government has been doing excellent since our independence that Jamaicans are so grateful that they don’t have to work and just stay home and live off others. Additionally Jamaica lacks the income needed to build the country. If we were still a British colony, we wouldn’t have to worry about unemployment nor the country’s economy. It is a fact that we would receive aid from the …show more content…
It is humiliating when we inquire assistance from the British after we had already demanded independence. Independence means that we want our own freedom and we can do everything on our own so when we go back to them for help, it shows that we are failures and that we were stupid for leaving in the first place. Additionally, when we do get help, the government tries to please the British on their arrival. They go to the extent by spending more money to fix roads, sideways, buildings and hotel accommodations to make the country look presentable than spending on litigants who were pleading to have a better life. According to a Letter to the Editor from The Gleanor, Olive Nelson stated that “the extent to which some of us are willing to go to prove to the world that we were not yet quite ready for independence from the ‘motherland’ is not instructive, but enormously embarrassing”. Her statement is correct because Jamaican continues to prove their selves unworthy of independence. In concluding, Jamaica should just accept failure and try to be a part of the British colony again. It is better off for us because we will be supported and Jamaica can be developed into a first world country. It would be beneficial for the Jamaican litigants for they will be able to provide for themselves and to the

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