Essay on Jamaica And The United States

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Jasmin Esparza


English 12

10 May 2015

Jamaica and USA

While always having an interest about learning different culture 's coming across this one country that is known by either bad perspectives and influence in particular ideas it has adopted. It is very important to demonstrate that Jamaica is not a bad place to visit but in the contrary to demonstrate that it 's one of the most welcoming countries. When actually taking to consideration this country you get to realize that many things they are accustomed to are very similar to the U.S. and in the same way very different. When fishing through all the background information you realize that Jamaica is like a cousin to the U.S. It is important to demonstrate the beauty Jamaica has as a country and the similarities and differences it shares with the United States.

When thinking of a country like Jamaica we might think it 's a very small place with very little amount of people but in reality you can say it has more that just one million people. According to an article is a very small country but also contains the most beautiful geographic area. Yes, it might now be the biggest nation but it is very well known in the Caribbean part of the area . Jamaica is approximately 10,991 sq km it is a very small island in the Caribbean. Due to being so small in area wise people don’t tend to live past their 80 years old. In comparison to the United States there are ' 'more people living in Jamaica per square…

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