Jainism Essay

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Jainism, also known as Jain Dharma, is a religion that many people in the world don't know about but is practiced by about 9 million people worldwide. With the roots of the religion coming from pre-historic India, Jainism is a dharmic religion. There is not an exact definition for the word dharma, it has several different meanings. It is used in most of the philosophies or religions originating in India, like Hinduism and Buddhism. Jainism is a very strict and intricate religion and its followers are big believers in peace and non violence. Jains believed that the first person to receive the philosophy of Jainism was a person by the name of Lord Rishabha. Lord Rishabha was the first Tirthankar of the Jain religion …show more content…
To do harm to anything like, "agriculture, violence, animal sacrifice, drinking liquor, eating honey, potatoes or certain fruits, and eating at night, is forbidden." Some Jains go even as far as wearing a cloth over their mouth to circumvent inhaling forms of life that are in the air. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahimsa). Another belief is asceticism, or refraining from participating in worldly pleasures and becoming a monk. Monks are required to take the Five Great Vows and live a life of wandering between temples and meditating. (Wilkinson, 47). Karma is a something that Jains also believe in. Karma is everything someone has done and is doing in the current moment. Those deeds that the person performs will then lead to events that happen currently and in the future. Jains also believe that karma is in a form of matter, as clay particles. They do not believe in good or bad karma but try to avoid all kinds of karma. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karma). Samsara is the cycle of life and death is endless. It is idea of going from one life to another. There is no beginning to anything and no end; it is a stream of existence. It is the continual process of birth and rebirth we all experience. (Brandon,554). Last but not least is jiva. The universe has infinite number of souls, or jivas. Jivas are looked at as indestructible, no material substance, invisible, and shapeless. They become associated with the material world because of

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