Jacques Louis David : Main Ideas And Influence On The World Of The Art

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Jacques-Louis David: Main Ideas and Influence on the World of the Art
Jacques Louis David was born in prosperous family. His single mother decided to dedicate him to architecture, but David failed in the University of Paris, and eventually came to study painting in the Royal Academy. David is considered to be the founder of the French Neoclassicism. In fact, in his painting style are united three areas: rococo, neo-classicism and romanticism. The artist already in his younger years was honored to be put next to the outstanding French Rococo artist Francois Boucher, the creator of elegant style. The echoes of sensual and frivolous painting elements of Boucher`s style can be clearly seen in the early works of David, such as "The Battle of Mars with Minerva" (1771). Here, the battle scene is overloaded with irrelevant on the field of battle figures of naked goddesses and chubby cherubs.
Neoclassicism was a reaction to the Baroque style. Increasingly, critics and philosophers are encouraged artists to apply to the heroic and moral subjects from ancient history, displacing them frivolous, lightweight mythological scenes.

There was nothing new or unusual in the revival of interest in classical culture. Classicism predominated in French painting of the XVII century, the founder of this trend was Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665), who David is very much learned from. Compositionally picture of his "Saint Roch, imploring the Virgin Mary for healing plague" (1780) resembles a painting…

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