Jacques Lipchitz, Bather, 1922 Essay

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Jacques Lipchitz, Bather, 1922 – 1925, Cubist Spirit
Throughout the years there has been many sculpting artist that have develop great art work to show to the world. Just as the famous Jacques Lipchitz that made outstanding pieces of art work. Jacques Lipchitz started to create Bather in the year 1922 and finished his piece in 1925. The medium of Bather is plaster painted to simulate bronze. The exact size of the Bather is 202 by 62.5 by 66.5 cm. Bather, produced at the end of Lipchitz cubist phase, embodies the relationship between form and space at a moment of transition in his oeuvre.
Born Chaim Jacob Lipchitz on August 22nd 1891 in Druskininkai, Lithuania, son of Abraham Lipchitz, a young building contractor, and Rachael Leah Krinsky. In 1909 he went to Paris, where he started calling himself Jacques and enrolled at the "École des Beaux-Arts" and the "Académie Julian". His contacts with Archipenko, Picasso and the Cubist circles had considerable influence on his work. In 1913 he produced his first Cubist sculptures. In 1920 he had his first solo exhibition at the Paris gallery "Léonce Rosenberg".
Between the years of 1915 and 1925 Lipchitz created Cubist sculptures, he worked in stone, the figures and heads of the sculpture are reduced to block-like forms and are partly colored. In 1925 the artist began a series of "transparent" sculptures permeated by space created in cire-perdu process, with which he moved away from the Cubist formal language. The shapes of the…

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