Jacqueline Whitmore's 7 Elements Of A Strong Work Ethic

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Ever since I have been able to I have had a job. That means all throughout high school, and now in college, I have worked as well as attend school. Getting out of school and going to work has become a natural part of my day, and it has been since I turned sixteen. I got the opportunity to go on a week long trip to Europe with my world history class, this is why I started working, I got my first job in order to save for the trip. “Traveling to a new country or place is the best way to get back to productivity and creativity (Agrawal).” After I went, I thought maybe I would not continue working, and go back to focusing solely on school. That was not the case. I had come to realize how much I enjoyed working, and how I did not want to give it up. I knew that keeping a job as well as going to school could affect my grades, or my social life. It was a bit of a concern …show more content…
I believe I have all seven of these elements. When I am at work, I am the most professional version of myself. I won’t do anything that I see as unprofessional, even if others do it. Working gave me a sense of respectfulness you can only get from a job. Respect is something I give to my managers, my coworkers and, of course, the customers I help serve. Being Dependable is something I felt I was very successful at. I am always willing to pick up extra shifts and stay late when I am needed. I always stay and help out if I can see it is needed. When it comes to determination, I did my best to get every task done right away and in a timely manner. I am always accountable for anything I may have done wrong by mistake. I am never late, and if for some reason I am I let my employer know. Lastly, I can see when other are doing well at their job. I enjoy when I’m told i’m doing a good job, so I let my coworkers know when they are

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