Jacqueline Kennedy : An Intellectual, Mother, And Wife Essay examples

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In the election of 1960, the United States acquired its youngest to be elected President, John F. Kennedy, and what came with him was the regal First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. President Kennedy’s wife captivated the American people with her beauty and refinement. Jacqueline Kennedy was imitated by countless young women in America; she was an intellectual, mother, and wife. Furthermore, copious numbers of women effortlessly related to Jacqueline Kennedy. Former First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, was the hallmark for First Ladies of the twentieth century, considering the assassination of her husband, her impact on fashion, and her status in United States’ culture. On July 28, 1929, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born at Southampton Hospital in Southampton, New York. Her father, John Vernou Bouvier III, was a stockbroker on Wall Street and her mother’s name was Janet Norton Lee. In Jacqueline’s adolescence, when she debuted in society, she was named “debutante of the year” (“Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis”). When Jacqueline attended college, she spent a majority of her time studying abroad in France. Jacqueline acquired her Bachelors of Arts degree specializing in French literature in 1951. Subsequently, she earned an editing job at Vogue magazine. Soon after she met John F. Kennedy, and during his senate election in 1952, their relationship cultivated into a higher status. John and Jacqueline officially announced their engagement on June 25, 1953. They were married two and a half…

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