Jacqueline Cochran's Life And Accomplishments

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Jacqueline Cochran was born Rural West Florida the year 1910.Her parents died when she was at a very young age . So immediately she had to be put into foster care. She was adopted two years later from a non wealthy couple. She used to have to steal meats and other kinds of foods to help feed her family because they couldn't afford it . Unfortunately she didn't get a fair chance at getting an education. She only went to school for two years. By age 7 she was working in the fields by picking cotton for only 6 cents a day, working textile mills, and by age 10 she was learning how to be a hair stylist so she can get a job by working at a beauty parlor . When she did get her first job it was at a beauty Parlor she was not really experienced …show more content…
During WWII she received more that 200 awards During her flying career. By 1941 she was one of the worlds most famous pilots. In 1945 Jacqueline Cochran still did compete in a lot of the air races. She became a Test pilot for the Company Lock Head. In 1945 she received a US service Award . Jacqueline helped write a bill that created America's Air force Reserve. She became the First woman member. That was a great accomplishment for her. She finally became a member of the military. She did not accept losing she always had to win. That was just the fighter that was in her. She wanted to accomplish everything that she had to do to accomplish her goals and follow her dreams. In 1961 She set 8 major speed records. She was the president of the AA's Organization for the women Aviators. She almost flew 100 million km. She was involved in an effort to test the abilities of the astronaut in the Mercury Program. In 1935 Jacqueline Cochran publisher her autobiography with her husband Floyd it was called The Stars at Noon .She was a pioneer of the 20th-century. She received a metal for organizing the Wasps. On May 18, 1953 Cochran became the first woman to break a record she went 625.5 miles per hour. She still does hold the most speed and

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