Jackson, The Tariff Of Abominations Essay

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Jackson, as a southerner, should be credited for his intolerance toward nullification in the south. The crisis started off with the Tariff of Abominations, also known as the Tariff of 1828. It was a part of a series of tariffs after the War of 1812. Northern businesses were losing money because of the low prices on imported goods, so the Tariff of 1828 taxed imported goods to help business sales. The southerners were unhappy and believed the tariffs favored north but harmed southerners because they were purchasing imported goods which were now being taxed. On November 24, 1832, South Carolina declared these tariffs unconstitutional and therefore they were not required to enforce them in an Ordinance of Nullification. Southerners thought Jackson would support them because he was from south. However, Jackson was extremely furious and called any sort of nullification incompatible and went against the purpose of the Constitution. He even ordered the Congress to pass the Force Bill that increased the presidential power by allowing the President to use force against states who tried to nullify any federal laws. By passing the Force Bill and ensuring federal government’s power over states, Jackson may have kept the nation away from any rebellions or even civil wars. Although he used his power correctly and meaningfully, it was the Compromise Tariff of 1833 proposed by Henry Clay that eventually solved the problem. So even though Jackson’s steadfast personality brought the nation…

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