Jackson Climbing Salamander Essay

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Like the Lord Howe tree lobsters species in New South Wales which was given up as extinct but came back from the dead, the Jackson Climbing Salamander (Bolitoglossa Jackson) was rediscovered in Guatemala.
The species was given up for lost because the last time a pair of salamander was spotted in western Guatemala by two American students was way back in 1975 or 42 years ago. It was named after Jeremy Jackson who came with his friend Paul Elias who spent time exploring the jungles of Guatemala in the 1970s. Besides the Jackson Climbing Salamander, the pair also discovered the Finca Chiblac Salamander and the long-limbed salamander.
In October, 27-year-old Ramos Leon-Tomas, a nature preserve guard at the Finca San Isidro Amphibian Reserve, found one while he was on lunch break at the park’s edge.
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CBS noted that the Jackson Climbing Salamanders were first discovered under a tree bark at the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in Guatemala.
Carlos Vasquez, from the USAC University in Guatemala, said in a press release that they have started to fear that the Jackson Climbing Salamander species was gone. With its return from extinction, it marks a promised future for the conservation of the special region.
Don Church, the president of Global Wildlife Conservation, said the rediscovery is a good omen for the future of the Search for Lost Species campaign. “It is a sign that if we get out there and work at it, many of these species can be found and saved,” Church said.
First in top 25 list
The Jackson Climbing Salamander is the first in the campaign’s top 25 list of most wanted lost species, Amphibians.org reported. A few months ago, the campaign launched an organized expedition to the Cuchumatanes range to search for the salamander

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