Jackie Robinson 's American Dream Essay

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Jackie Robinson’s American Dream The American Dream has been a prevalent concept in America since the turn of the twentieth century. As with many concepts, The American Dream is unique for each individual depending on their experiences. However, for Jackie Robinson and Andrew Carnegie the definition of the American Dream was similar, but because of their circumstances they took different paths to achieve their goals. Both men desired freedom, and while Andrew Carnegie was able to earn his freedom by amassing an enormous wealth, Jackie Robinson had to fight through decades of mistreatment for his freedom because of his race. Jackie Robinson’s upbringing molded him into the man he became later in life. Similar to many others, he was subject to much of the inhumane treatment that African-Americans of the time period were used to. Robinson, the youngest of five children, was raised by his single mother in California (Robinson 4).Yet, unlike many of his contemporaries Robinson was able to receive post-secondary education. As a result, Jackie attended UCLA on an athletic scholarship where he played basketball, baseball, football, and ran track (Robinson 10). Unfortunately Robinson’s athletic eligibility had expired, so he left school before completing his degree with the hope of becoming an athletic director. Shortly after the Robinson left UCLA, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and Jackie was drafted into the Army (Robinson 12). While in the Army Jackie Robinson faced many…

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