Jackie Robinson Forever Changed The Face Of American History Essay

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Jackie Robinson forever changed the face of American history on Opening Day 1947, Robinson dealt with many situations throughout his Hall of Fame career because of his color as he became one of the most influential athletes to break the color barrier in professional sports, and many would say, the color barrier in America. As with many aspects of life in late-19th century America, baseball was segregated. There were separate teams for black players because they were not allowed to play on white professional teams. In the late 1800s, professional African American players played on all-black teams in the Negro Leagues, such as the Cuban Giants, that was all going change in a short amount of time whether American players like it or not. The youthful player, Jackie Robinson joined the Kansas City Monarchs in 1945, joining the Negro American League. Little did he know, he would become baseball 's great experiment, Baseball managers and owners of Major League teams started to open there eyes to more opportunities and thought of the idea to hire African Americans. Branch Rickey was the very first to do it with Mr. Robinson. He wasn 't the only that had the idea but he was the only one who had the courage to do it. Rickey had the plan all down he just needed his player but it couldn 't be any player. It had to be Robinson. Baseball policies separating black and white players changed forever when Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey signed a contract with Jackie…

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