Jackie Robinson : Baseball And Baseball Essay

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The way I figured it, I was even with baseball and baseball with me. The game had done much for me, and I had done much for it. Jackie Robinson has done a lot for baseball of all leagues. Jackie Robinson has changed Major League Baseball for the better.
Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia. He was raised with four other siblings in Pasadena, California by his mother and uncle. His Father left the family when Jackie was a baby. Jackie had to help his mother out by delivering newspapers and selling food during game at the Rose Bowl, as she did many other jobs to earn a living. Jackie as his fans know him as. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was the first black person to receive a contract to play professional baseball. The first break in organized baseball 's segregation policy in 1945 paved the way for more black athletes with the talent to be a professional player. Jackie 's attitude grace and super manlike athletic ability made him one of the best crowd pleasers baseball has ever known. As former player Ralph Kiner once said, "Robinson was the only player I ever saw who could completely turn a game around himself ." Some people may say that he is one of the greats serving in the baseball 's Hall of Fame since 1967. Baseballs executive from 1881 through 1965 Branch Rickey. In 1947 Rickey made one of the best decisions in sports history by signing Jackie to break the color barrier. Serving as the manager for St. Louis Browns, St. Louis Cardinals, Brooklyn Dodgers,…

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