Essay on Jack Welch 's Leadership Style

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Jack Welch started with General Electric (GE) in 1960 as a Junior Chemical Engineer and by 1981 had risen to the position of Chairman and CEO – the youngest to ever hold this role at GE. Under Welch the company market value grew from approximately $12 Billion to a huge $505 billion at the time of his retirement and many attribute this growth to the “energetic and visionary leadership style” of Welch
Welch’s leadership style contained four main tenants; create a learning culture, open communications with all team members, willingness to take risks and embrace change and empowerment of employees (Shriberg and Shriberg, 2011)
The first of Welch’s four main leadership strategies was to create a learning culture – both for himself and all of his employees. Welch was initially upset by the lack of leadership and opportunity to learn at GE which almost drove him to leave the company. As he rose within the company he created the capability for all employees to continue to learn and share ideas. (Slater, 2003). Welch set up what he called the “boundaryless organisation” where the best ideas could be learned and passed to all business units within the company. He demolished the idea that the best ideas come from within and embraced that a good idea could come from anywhere and any situation or any process could be improved upon – no-one should think they they know it all. (Shriberg and Shriberg, 2011)
Open communication with all team members was another strategy Jack employed. Welch…

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