Jack The Ripper Summary

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The Whitechapel Murders Summary

The tale of Jack the Ripper has traveled far and wide over generations, and as it has traveled it picked up bits and pieces of myth that just adds to the mirage that is known today as Jack the Ripper. He was responsible for at least five known murders of prostitutes in Victorian London during the 1880’s. He used a knife to rip up his victims, Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly, who were all prostitutes that were sexually mutilated and slaughtered.
The first victim was Mary Anne Nichols. Everyone who knew her called her Polly though. One night Polly was determined to make the money she needed to stay in a room for the night. She set out to earn it through
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She was mutilated beyond recognition in her own home. She lived by herself off of one of the meanest streets in East End. She had a small one bed, chair, and two table bedroom that led right to the street from the door. She had been sharing this room with another prostitute who had just recently moved out. This led her to seek out more clients so she could pay her rent. The morning of November 9, 1888 would haunt Thomas bowyer for the rest of his days. He was given the task to go out and collect the money for the night. He arivved at Mary’s door at 10:45am and knocked but there was no answer so he went to the window and pushed the curtain aside. He revealed the most horrifying scene in the whole Ripper series. The remains of the last victim all over the bed and room. Flesh carved off the bone and laid in piles on the night stand. Every organ was disemboweled, the heart missing, and blood covering the bed. This murder was the Mona Lisa for Jack the Ripper. He took his time with this one, to make it so spectacularly grotesque that even the bravest men would be haunted with these visions for life. At this time no one could know that this was infact the last murder by the infamous Ripper. Who tormented the women of Whitechapel for ten weeks in 1888.
The grotesque murders and the sexual disembowelment of these five prostitutes was the doing of one evil being who is known as Jack the Ripper. Sometimes referred to as the epiphany of evil, Jack the Ripper was never caught and the murder cases were never solved. Many people have been pulled to this mystery because of the fact that he was never identified or caught. He will live on through text and oral history and is still one of the most feared people to ever step foot on this

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