Essay on Jack the Ripper - Did Capitalism Kill the Women?

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Whitechapel London, also known as the East End, was the scene of at least five gruesome murders in 1988 that were committed by a killer now famously known as Jack the Ripper. These murders took place in the height of transition from feudalism to capitalism and fueled by this, the East End was plagued with gross overcrowding, unemployment, and was a place of severe poverty and prostitution. Marxist theories of alienation and dialectical materialism help to explain how the rise of capitalism formed the case setting and supported The Ripper’s murders of five women.
In the mid-nineteenth century, an influx of Irish and Jewish immigrants hit England and swelled the population, including that of East London (Kershen 2008). Whitechapel suffered
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In the early hours of 30th September, two more bodies were found and the day became known as the ‘double event’ (Rumbelow 2001). The first body, Elizabeth Stride, was found when the killer had only partially finished his work. He had been hiding in the shadows when a salesman came across the woman, and slipped away unseen before the authorities arrived (Rumbelow 2001). By four hours later the second victim’s body had been found. The second woman, identified as Catherine Eddowes, had been in police lockup for being drunk and incapable only an hour before (Rumbelow 2001). The police later found a bloody piece of her apron and on the wall above it were scrawled the words ‘the Juwes are the mean that will not be blamed for nothing' (Rumbelow 2001).
During the month of October, Jack the Ripper appeared to take a break. It had appeared a schedule had begun to appear, with the murders occurring on weekends and at the beginning and end of the month (Rumbelow 2001), however October did not follow this assumption. Criticism of the police grew as the killer was still not found, and interest and newspaper coverage exploded (Ogan & Alison 2005). Huge numbers of letters where sent into the News Agency and the Whitechapel Vigilance committee, which was a grouping of citizens hoping to do

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