Jack London 's Build A Fire And Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's `` The Yellow Wallpaper ``

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Often time’s people wonder about their place in the world and if their actions affect the lives of themselves or the people around them. Jack London 's “To Build a Fire” and Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's “The Yellow Wallpaper" both have characters facing obstacles either by their doing or just unfortunate circumstances and how it affects themselves and the environment around them. In “To Build a Fire” the focus is on a man who is hiking a trail in extremely cold weather in order to meet up with his friends. Being confident in his abilities, he and his companion dog begin the hike but his actions and how he perceives Mother Nature get him into trouble. The other story “The Yellow Wallpaper” deals with a mother who just recently gave birth and is going through different states of emotion. She is forced by her husband to spend her time in a room with hideous wallpaper and that begins to have unhealthy effects on her psyche. A deeper examination of the stories shows that in the grand scheme of things nobody really has complete control of their lives or the environment they find themselves in.
In "To Build a Fire" London illustrates to the reader that no matter a man 's intelligence or toughness, in a real world situation they are no match for the unpredictability of Mother Nature. During his hike up the trail the narrator faces many obstacles along the way such as his fingers becoming numb and falling into knee deep water and essentially freezing his lower half. Immediately he…

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