Essay Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Going Hip and Healthy

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Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Going Hip and Healthy

The Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Company, founded in the 1880’s, is a producer of dried meat snacks that prides itself in the distribution of convenient, high-quality snack foods. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is the fastest growing meat snack manufacturer in the world and sells more than 100 different meat snack products in more than forty countries. According to the company’s mission statement, this family-run business basis its principles and traditions on hard work, integrity and a commitment to earn consumer respect by delivering the best tasting meat snacks in the world. (Link, 2013) Over the years, the company has been forced to tailor its marketing towards an ever-changing
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The company’s website promotes itself as a family establishment, steeped in tradition yet has developed along with a changing demographic of families, cultures and developing tastes in snack foods. Comparatively, one of Jack Link’s biggest competitors, ConArga foods (maker of Slim Jim beef jerky) takes a different approach to appealing to its customers. The company, for example, uses heavy social medial tools to promote its products as well as provides fictional health benefits to consuming the dried meat product. The company boasts their product’s ability to provide ‘man medicine’ in order to make a complete man out of the consumer. The Slim Jim website offers a ‘24/7 Pharmacy’ that suggests various products that will aide in treating the condition of ‘spice loss’. (ConArga, 2013) One notable addition to the Slim Jim website is the opportunity for consumers to support our troops by allowing them to submit messages thanking them for their service to our country. As an incentive, ConArga Foods will donate product equivalent to the number of messages received. (ConArga, 2013) Not only is this a notable gesture of philanthropy, but an ingenious way to encourage patrons to visit their website.
The Jack Link’s

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