Jack Kerouac: Disillusionment Of American Youth And The Beat Generation

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Jack Kerouac: Disillusionment of American Youth and the Beat Generation In the 1950’s American youth was victimized for their own social and spontaneous pleasure. Teens were not allowed to do much of what they wanted and were restricted of nearly everything. This book shows the struggle between teens trying to express who they are and the restrictions given by society. The novel, On the Road by Jack Kerouac portrays the disillusionment of American youth which was then a major contribution to the "Beat" generation. First of all not many people know what the Beat generation means because it could refer to many different occurrences in our history. This generation is a group of writers in the 1950s time period writing about the youth of that time and how their behavior shocks a large amount of people, because of the way they lived and rebelled. Jack Kerouac is telling about his own life stories and explaining his generation to those who do not know anything about it. “Kerouac, portrayed as the narrator, Sal …show more content…
“His shyness and gift for admiration made him honor not his own individuality so much as that of his friends, whom he referred to as members of the Beat Generation. He honored them by telling their stories. But in order to tell their stories with energy and accuracy he found that he had to invent a new prose style. This style, which cost him considerable time, energy, and pain to develop and sustain, he called "spontaneous prose," and by means of it he became known later as the spokesman or "father" of the Beat Generation.”(Dardess). The Beat Generation was consisted of the writings of iconic authors who wanted to express their own stories and feelings about what is going on in society. Kerouac creates a new style to write in which makes his writing stand out and more unique than all of the

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