jack carter case study Essay

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Name : Philip Class : Belgium Subject : Human Resources Management
Character : - Jack Carter
Jennifer Carter

Facts : - Jennifer Carter graduated from state university in June 2003
Jack Carter opened his first Laundromat in 1990 and his second in 1992
Jack had decided by 1996 to expand the services in each of his stores to include the dry cleaning and pressing of clothes.
Each store has its own on- site manager and, on average , about seven employees and annual revenues of about $500,000.
Employees generally have no more than a high school education (often less) , and the market for them is very competitive.
All these people are usually paid around $15.00 per hour, and they
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And more and more companies know it. That means, if you’re not offering employees flexibility around work hours and locations, they might easily leave you for someone who will.
Pay attention to engagement This one sounds obvious, but for too many leaders interest in engagement is limited to the results of engagement surveys. It’s not enough simply to run an engagement survey once a year. You need save most of your energy to take action based on the results and you need to work to build a culture of engagement in your company all year long.
Prioritize employee happiness Happiness may sound a bit soft and squishy to many execs, but the numbers behind it are anything but. Employee happiness is a key indicator of job satisfaction, absenteeism and alignment with values–just for starters. Investing in the happiness of your employees will pay dividends in engagement, productivity and yes, retention. (Find some tips for building happiness here.)
Make opportunities for development and growth Employees place HUGE value on opportunities for growth. In fact, a recent Cornerstone survey drew a direct connection between lack of development opportunity and high turnover intentions. If you aren’t developing your employees then you aren’t investing in them. And if you aren’t investing in them, why should they stay with you?
Clean up performance reviews Our most recent Workforce Mood Tracker

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