JNT2 Task 1 1 Essay

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Student Name

Student ID:

Assessment Code: JNT2 – Task 1 (Needs Analysis)



Summary of Instructional Problem
Current Condition and Desired Conditions
Current Conditions: Kindergarten students are demonstrating an increased understanding of letter names and sounds by mid-year. However, this understanding is not leading to desired effect of 80% demonstrated ability to phonetically segment words into beginning, middle, and ending sounds on standardized district tests.
Desired Conditions: Goal is to have 80% of all kindergarten students reach benchmark standards for beginning sound identification and phonemic segmentation.
Data Collection Processes
Discussion of Data Collection Instruments Used: If
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Teachers then recorded student abilities in observation logs.
Results of Analysis: Results of district and teacher-gathered data analysis suggested an overall increase in both letter sound identification and beginning sound fluency. District gathered information showed an over-all increase from 42% of the class reaching benchmark standards in beginning sound fluency at the beginning of year to 71% of the class reaching benchmark

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