JA Reflection

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JA Reflections

Lesson 1: Free to Choose Your Work of business

For my JA Our Nation lessons I went one time and did all of my lessons in one day. All the lessons ran fairly well. When I started the first lesson, I began to introduce myself. Then handed out their table tents for them to write their names on. I had a few students ask if they could make it look pretty by decorating or adding color. I told them that we didn’t have much time to make the name tags look pretty and all. Then I started the first lesson, and I began by asking questions like: When you think about your future, what are you most excited about? Do you see yourself someday working for a company or yourself? What do you think is the best job in the world? I also asked some questions regarding the names and the people who started some successful businesses like Ford Motor Co. (Henry Ford) Apple (Steve Jobs).
Consumers: someone that eats food, someone that makes things, someone that sales things.
Producer: something that makes something.

Lesson 2: Innovation Nation
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When asked for what the definition of an entrepreneur as I had a student tell me “that it was something you enter into something that is new to you.” We described recourses and how businesses use specific resources. We also explored STEM skills and the process of innovation. For the activity, I had the students split up into eight different groups. During the activity, the students were to plan to improve a product based on their topic cards. First, they were to define the problem, then brainstorm a solution, and then formulate an idea to develop. To follow they were to present their innovations. To end the lesson, I wrapped up with questions. The questions I asked were how entrepreneurs help consumers, what are some rewards are for

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