J&J (Philippines) Case Analysis Essay

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I. Point of view

We will take the point of view of Vice President of Marketing P.M. “Boy” de Claro because he is in-charge of the introduction of the product to the market.

II. Situation Audit

* In the mid-1880s, Johnson and Johnson (J&J) was founded in the U.S producing antiseptic bandages for wound care. * As the company grew larger, it started to manufacture baby care, first-aid and hospital supplies, and became the leading manufacturer of the said products. * In 1959, the firm entered in the
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While POND’S prioritizes beauty enhancement of women with additional anti-aging and whitening benefits, Johnson’s Face Powder is more of a toiletry product concerned with hygiene and freshener for everyday use. * Johnson’s Face Powder compact and refill is priced at P39.95 and P24.95, respectively while POND’S Angel Face costs P59.95. * A few weeks before the launch, Johnson’s international manager called de Claro to say that the launching is cancelled because the product falls under cosmetics.

III. The Case Problem
How would P.M. “Boy” de Claro convince the International Manager to push through with launching of the product?

IV. Alternative Solutions to the Case Problem

EXTERNAL INTERNAL | OPPORTUNITIES 1. Potential market share is huge 2. No other firms sold white face powder in compact in the market | THREATS 1. Availability of cheap substitutes and low priced competitors 2. Product imitation is easy once it is released 3. Political instability | STRENGTHS 1. Johnson and Johnson is a trusted brand in the country. 2. Has an excellent product portfolio and high quality offerings 3. It includes some 250 subsidiary companies with operations in over 57 countries and products sold in over 175 countries 4. Johnson & Johnson is one of the World’s Most Admired Companies 5. Has a strong brand loyalty and image 6. It is known for its high quality

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