J.b. Priestley 's An Inspector Calls Essay

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An Inspector Calls explores the concerns of wider society contrasted with selfish individuality. The playwright J.B. Priestley hated the attitude of viewing the lower class as different people, and Mrs. Birling is a woman who has this attitude. She is a cold and selfish woman who is out of touch with the reality of life. Throughout the play she remains the most self-centered as she demonstrates no responsibility and no remorse.

In act one there is a stage directions describing the setting of the house and the setting of the house is a complete reflection of her. It is described that the house is ‘fairly large’- nothing quite pleases Mrs Birling and she is never fully satisfied. The furniture is ‘solid’ which gives the effect that it is ‘substantial and heavily comfortable, but not cosy and homelike’. ‘Heavily comfortable’ suggest that it is overly done, just a bit too much, like Mrs Birling: she is one who tries really hard, but it is overly done. Her social image is an example, because it’s all about her social status and what other people may think, hence she tries to keep up a good image of herself and family to prevent her social status from descending. ‘Heavily’ suggest that’s she brings the atmosphere down and weighs people down as though she is above all – above in social classes.

Her coldness and lack of conscience make her unsympathetic while her keen awareness of rules of polite behaviour makes her seem out-of-touch with what matters. This is because she rebukes…

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