J Square Crafts And Its Impact On The Lives Of Our Customers Essay

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J Square Crafts is a business that provides a variety of crafts, which are all handmade. The variety of crafts ranges from handmade baskets to holiday crafts to special ordered wastebaskets, even homemade soaps. J Square Crafts opened its doors in 1995, by a mother and daughter team in the state of Virginia. The variety of crafts are produced from the family home and delivered based on the customer 's needs. July of 2014, there was a total of 1,500 customers and by June 2016, customers had tripled, leading the owners to look for a building that would accommodate their increase in customers. J Square Crafts also sell their products online. There are no employees, the business is owned and operated by a mother and daughter team, who sometimes work around the clock to make sure that their customers receive their products on time.
The J Square Crafts mission is to honor God by impacting the lives of our customers and community. J Square Crafts provides handmade products based on Christian ideals. The mother and daughter team actively pursue their Christian ideals by making sure that they follow the following two biblical principles:
1. Integrity – doing what is right rather than what is self-serving.
2. Commitment to excellence – doing what is good. Titus 3:8 teaches, “The saying is trustworthy, and I want you to insist on these things, so that those who have believed in God may be careful to devote themselves to good works. These things are excellent and…

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