Incomplete Leadership Reflection

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Now that I have aroused my elephants with such motivational thoughts. I will keep with the aspect of my journey that includes the changes I must make so that I may achieve success. Change can be a painful process if not well planned. For me, change has to begin with a motivational process where I start with the rider. According to Heath and Heath 2010, change can be an easier process once you know the direction going and can identify the value in the things you are doing. My goal is to stay focus, and create a checklist that will allow me to see the bright spots and investigate what’s working for me and rid myself of those things that are not. Once I’ve discovered what’s working, I must clone it because now I’ve created something that’s suitable for me. After directing the rider, …show more content…
article, “In Praise of the Incomplete Leader,” also provided me with four great capabilities of leader that is Sensemaking, Relating, Visioning, and Inventing. I can identify with Sensemaking that will allow me to have an understanding and interpret my goals that I have set forth to accomplish. Relating was not good for me because I attempted to have another rider who regularly complained about the number of miles we were riding. She was only riding with me one day per week, and when the cold came, she finally dropped out. I do have a vivid vision of my plan with success and reaching my goal. I did my diet analysis. I weigh in monthly; I provided myself with a backup plan in case of bad weather or illness. Whenever the bad weather was to occur, I have a complete gym in my home, and I have membership at the neighborhood Y that will allow me to continue to motivate the elephant and keep him on the right track. As far as invention goes, I will remind myself if dullness approach I will change up and try something different. The goal here is diet and exercise, and I see no future failure to this destiny as well as the great rewards that I’m sure to

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