J. J ' S Essay

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J. J. is a 12-year-old, independent, type one diabetic; diagnosed at five years old. Her experience of being diagnosed was a difficult and almost fatal one. It all started when J. J. got a bad ear infection and had an accident, which was extremely abnormal for her, since she was already potty trained. The doctor put her on amoxicillin, and a week later she came down with a rash. J. J.’s mother brought her to the doctor, and he thought she had mono. They did a mono blood test and the results came back negative, however, the doctor was sure it was mono. He told J. J.’s mother to stop giving her the amoxicillin and that the symptoms would subside. She stopped taking the antibiotic, however, J. J. symptoms got worse. She was frequently thirsty, using the restroom often, sleeping a lot, and would complain of stomach pain. J. J.’s mother said, “my ex and I would ask if the doctors were going to test her blood. None of the doctors did” (personal communication, October 26, 2016). J. J. went to four different doctors before she was in so much pain that she could not move and was throwing up; later that day, she was diagnosed in the Ellensburg’s Emergency Room. J. J.’s mother stated, “the ER doctor walked into the room and immediately said she has diabetes, and needs to go to Children’s now. The doctor said she could smell the ketones on J. J.’s breath” (personal communication, October 26, 2016). When a diabetic doesn’t have enough insulin to help them use the glucose in their…

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