J. Carl's Elbow Grease Case Study

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Custodians are usually hired due to offering the most inexpensive price among competitors. The result can be an unfortunate inattention to detail, custodians minimally meeting performance requirements—sometimes even fundamental functions (for example, vacuuming common areas, emptying heavily-used trash barrels) are shirked. Many businesses and non-profits will begrudgingly tolerate same, repeatedly shoving work-environment cleanliness and presentation to the bottom of priorities. J. Carl’s Elbow Grease would exist to serve companies and non-profits that are exasperated with their janitorial staff’s sub-par performance. J. Carl’s Elbow Grease can visit any business/non-profit unwilling to tolerate its sordid environment—yet unwilling to hire …show more content…
East Bay Deep Clean Specialist’s will offer its service to the following cities located in Contra Costa County and Alameda County (in the San Francisco Bay Area): Concord,
Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Clayton, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore. Instead of renting office space, J. Carl’s Elbow Grease will make an initial investment by purchasing a commercial cargo van which it will use to conduct its business.
Competition. Research of the local market revealed an established presence of carpet cleaners and house cleaners; commercial cleaners were not common. J. Carl’s Elbow Grease would distinguish itself by offering a comprehensive deep cleaning service to local businesses and non-profits—ingression into this niche of the market would not be encumbered by an overcrowded presence of similitudes.
Profitability. This business will be profitable because the cost of entering the marketing (i.e., initial property, equipment and business licensing expenses) will be easily affordable, yet demand for this particular service should be strong and
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CARL’S ELBOW GREASE will cost $0.10 per mile driven. Therefore, our annual maintenance cost will be (5,250 miles driven per year multiplied by $0.10) $525.
Commercial carpet cleaner. J. Carl’s Elbow Grease will invest in a commercial carpet cleaner called the Trusted Clean 'Ultimate' Heated Box Extractor, which costs $1,860.
Commercial vacuum cleaner. J. Carl’s Elbow Grease will buy the Windsor Sensor XP 12 Commercial Upright vacuum cleaner for $620.
Miscellaneous items. This would include a squeegee set for window cleaning, 409, and rags. The Ettore 65000 Professional Progrip Window Cleaning Kit costs $25 (including shipping). This is a one-time expense. Assuming one fourth of Formula 409 ALL Purpose Cleaner 180 Oz Refills will be needed per day (including shipping), and J. Carl’s Elbow Grease works an average of 150 days per year, then (150 days per year/4 days per refill used) 37.5 refills will be needed per year. This will cost (the product of $25 per refill and 37.5 refills per year) $937.50 per year. An initial broom, mop, dust pan, and mop bucket will cost $105. Replacement mop heads will cost $8 every quarter ($32 per year).
Old, worn towels shall be reused, being laundered at home.

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