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Dadaism and Surrealism

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Dadaism and Surrealism
The Dadaism art movement is part of history now. The movement began in Zurich and New York around the time of the First World War. ("Dada," n.d.) Dadaism was aimed at the artists who felt art created spiritual values. There was a focus on the failure of this by the endless days of war, the art of previous era’s had done nothing to create spiritual values in the followers mind. Dada was a protest against what they felt was the root cause of war. Dada was an “anti-art” according to Hans Richter, one of the founders of this movement. Dada was used to offend people; it ignored aesthetics and was generally preposterous in form. Many of the art displays
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Although neither had any profound impact on society, they did leave a mark in the history of art, which today still remain sources of artistic inspiration today.
In the surrealism era if we look at the art piece “Persistence of Memory” by Dali and Duchamp’s version of “Mona Lisa” we can see that they both used revolution and defiance in their art. Duchamp’s was more of defiance against the art world and how things had been taught up to that point. Dali also did something similar by taking every day images and making them look dreamy or melting, as some people have described his paintings. These two different paintings both turned the art world upside down, neither artist had any concern as to what others opinions were, they were revolutionaries changing things to what they thought were defiant and in line with the movements that they were following. Following the direction of the respective movements was important to both artists; both showed defiance in their paintings to the traditions of the art world. These two pieces share these and other similarities linking the two art movements together.
Dada and surrealism were both movements of poets and writers, there were also visual artists as well. In surrealism the artist appeared to be less innovative then those involved in the dada movement. In both movements there were manuscripts or journals written to help guide the followers of each movement. Dadaism was

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